Spring Storm


Acrylic on Canvas 80x60cm

Early evening on Torrisdale beach.   Hail, snow and sleet, struggling to take any photos as the camera lens kept salting up and struggling to stay standing in the wind…. Not the April showers we’re used to!


Ice Pack

Acrylic on Paper 9x9cm

A set of three tiny paintings of ice.  I really enjoyed making these, the combination of abstract and observational painting is really fun to do.  I used acrylic ink and a 10/0 rigger brush for the detail.  I finished them yesterday when it was still April, but today is the first of May and winter seems reluctant to leave….

The Cut


Acrylic on canvas 60 x 90cm

The cut in the rocks at Portvasgo.  The sea was so wild only the smallest hint of colour was visible in the distance.  All that spectacular energy created a strangely monochrome effect.

Camo Gull


Acrylic on canvas 45 x 35cm

A camouflaged seagull hiding in the rocks at Skerray Harbour.  The weather’s not been great, but managed to find some bright colours to welcome the return of spring.

New Studio….



I’ve just set up a tiny studio in the office at my work.  I’m really lucky to have this space.  Previously my days consisted of idly browsing the internet, occasionally staring out the window and, very occasionally, serving customers!  Now the time flies by and I come home every day with a (small) Sense of achievement.

Above is my first finished painting, only 12x12cm, acrylic on paper.


I invested a wee bit on setting up the studio, good lighting, paint etc., but these ceramic stackable palettes    are especially useful if you’re likely to get loads of interruptions.


The studio has also provided a home for another empty Rock Rose gin bottle…..

Sketching / Ice Dance….


Today the ice started melting and the cold bright days have been replaced by rain and grey skies.  This is doubly dreary as we were really excited at the prospect of some snowboarding soon, but the capricious weather gods seem to have other ideas.  I’m not familiar with any snow dances, so I can only offer a few icy pages from my sketchbook and hope the snowflakes follow!






Acrylic on canvas 45 x 35cm

I’m always drawn to the very edge of the cliffs….

You can take a walk along the cliffs leaving from Skerray harbour and heading west to Aird.  The views of Island Neave are amazing and there are some dramatic cliffs and sea arches.  The path edges the common grazing, so alongside all the (noisy!) seabirds you may find yourself accompanied by some hopeful livestock looking for a snack.

The path ends at the township of Aird overlooking Torrisdale bay where the river Borgie meets the sea.

Skerray Church

Oil on canvas 30 x 30cm

Skerray church


Bright colours to counteract the winter blues!  This was the home to the Free Church of Scotland in Skerray, sadly the building is no longer fit for use and services are now held once a month in the village hall.


The canvas was primed with metallic copper acrylic and then painted in oils.  As a sentimental nod to the past I turned the pattern of the wrought iron gates in the foreground upside down so it resembled hearts, they are held together with a bit of blue twine.